The Lifehouse Strategy for Global Ministry

Global Missions is the heartbeat of our church and our leadership. This commitment extends to our nearly 150 missionaries & ministries in over 40 countries through financial support, as well as prayer and personal encouragement. We have three core components that drive the Global Ministry of Lifehouse… Pray, Go, and Give. 


Prayer is Paramount

Prayer is the primary gift we give to Missions. Prayer connects the hearts of people within the local church to the heart of God and His love for the world. We understand that nothing of eternal value happens without prayer. You can join the Missions email prayer list by clicking HERE to subscribe. To get a directory of the missionaries and ministries we support on a monthly basis, please visit the Missions Café at Wilson Campus or email to request a copy. We do not publish this online as there are several ministries in sensitive areas around the world with which we partner.


Involve the Entire Church Body

We will seek to have everyone who calls Lifehouse their home church participate in Global Missions in some capacity. Involving our church body in Global Missions will:
- Help everyone in our body focus on Christ and the Great Commission.
- Help individuals and families form long-term personal relationships with missionaries, which will reap great benefits for all.
- Raise up a new generation of young people who understand Missions.
- Keep Missions at the forefront of what Lifehouse is all about. By doing so, we can help to fulfill Acts 1:8 today.  

Each year we offer projects in areas of construction, medical, evangelism and youth outreaches. We partner with La Mano of Hope, a local Missions organizations for administrating these outreaches. For information on upcoming Global Impact Teams and to download an application, click HERE.

Upcoming 2018 Missions Trips

Belize - Construction | February 17 - 24       
Honduras - Medical | April 6 - 15
New York - Day of Hope | May 31 - June 2
Costa Rica - Construction | May 4 - 11
Wyoming - Construction | July 13 - 21  
Ecuador - Sports and Medical | July 13 - 21
Mexico - VBS | July 14 - 21
Haiti - Social Compassion | October 5 - 12


Build Relationships and Support Ministry

We will continue to partner and build personal relationships by ongoing communication and monthly financial support for the missionaries and ministries that are part of the Lifehouse family. These relationships also have a high priority for funding beyond monthly support.