Every person was made for a purpose.
We want to help you find yours.

   One of the primary ways we live this out is through Next Steps. Held immediately after all of our weekend services, Next Steps is an interactive group discussion that serves as the starting point to our full discipleship program, called Life Track. Next Steps discusses who Lifehouse is and how you can go further in being a part of the story God is writing here. 

   During Next Steps your leader will provide you with the best steps you can take from here, including connecting you to the rest of our Life Track process. 

   Unlike a “church membership” class, Life Track is a discipleship course that teaches commitment to God and commitment to His Church. Through dynamic discussions and interactive teachings, you can learn all about God’s plan for the Church, God’s plan for every believer, and God’s plan for YOU personally. Each class is not only an opportunity to take a closer look at what Lifehouse Church believes, but to also look at what YOU believe.


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