Our Outreach Ministry serves to be the literal hands and feet of Jesus in the community. Jesus transforms lives, and we have the opportunity to set the stage for life change by engaging those in the community through various and ongoing outreach events. We are working alongside other churches to personally share the gospel with 100,000 people within the next 10 years. We share a common goal to reach those far from Christ. God is For Our City, and therefore we are For Our City. You are invited to join us in the journey - to reach one, and one more.


Adoption is being committed and consistent. You are choosing to love and assist that in which you have adopted. We have two specific ‘adoption’ outreach initiatives:


By partnering with local schools we have the opportunity to meet physical needs but furthermore encourage and invest into the next generation. Events at the school allow us build relationships with the kids as well as the families. You can get involved by helping serve at a large seasonal event or by serving on a more regular basis in the weekly after school program.




Envision an entire city transformed by the holy spirit, one block at a time! By performing acts of service and building long term relationships, we believe God is creating a lasting impact of each home and family. You can get involved by adopting the block where you live or by joining a current block and assisting in projects ranging from block parties to street cleanup.