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Waynesboro Summer Tribe
Led by: Briana Miller / Day @ Time / Waynesboro, PA
An evening of worship, prayer & the Word.

GLOW  Chambersburg
Led by Courtney Summers / Day @ Time / Chambersburg, PA
“Let your light shine” (Matthew 5:16) with some of the greatest ladies in PA!


Indian Springs Tribe
Led by: Michelle Henson / 2nd Wednesdays @ 6:30PM / Clear Spring, MD
A time for sharing life, prayer, and snacks!

Daughters of a Most High King
Led by: Sara Snyder / Day @ Time / Fairplay, MD
Come, join in reading God’s Word and praying together! 

God’s Original Design
Led by: Sara Webber / 2nd Thursdays @ 6PM / Location 
A tribe for women who want to grow in their personal relationship with Jesus!


Brave Hearts
Led by: Ashley Serafini / 2nd Wednesdays @ 6:30PM / Williamsport, MD
Ladies in their 20s & 30s come expecting to laugh and grow, to be encouraged, and to move deeper into relationship with God

Precious Rubies
Led by: Lori & Rachel Routzahn / 2nd Tuesdays @ 6:30PM / Clear Spring, MD
A group of women of all ages learning to be mighty, virtuous women of God - sharing in God’s love, prayer, fellowship & studying the Word of God.

Soul Sisters
Led by: Sonnie Snyder / 2nd Saturdays / Cearfoss, MD
All ladies welcome! Come spend Saturday afternoons drawing closer to God together!

Ladies Night!
Led by: Kim Ramsburg / 2nd Saturdays @ 5PM / Smithsburg, MD
Kick the Summer off with the girls & a little luau!

GLOW - Hagerstown
Led by: Elena Mantsevich / 2nd Wednesdays @ 6PM / Longmeadow, MD
Fellowship, food, and fun with other women in Christ!

Women of Hope
Led by: Cheri Zello / June 28th @ 6:30PM / Hagerstown, MD
All ladies are welcome for a time of discussion and prayer!


Ladies Summer Gathering
Led by: Margaret Recto / 2nd Thursdays / Sharpsburg, MD
Leave the kids at home and come enjoy an evening with the ladies!

The Blue Ridge Tribe
Led by: Deidria & Brittany Ellis / 2nd Mondays / Fountainhead, MD
Where my girls at?! A group for single ladies in their late 20s & 30s.

A Heart Like His
Led by: Jana Mentor / 2nd Wednesdays @ 7PM / Wilson Campus
A place for ladies to connect with other ladies while growing in their faith.

Holy Yoga
Led by: Ali Peretanecz / 2nd Saturdays @8:30AM / Wilson Campus
Come join in on a time of discussion & prayer following a Christ-centered yoga class.

Lifehouse Moms
Led by: Lauren Broadwater / 2nd Tuesdays @ 9:30AM / Wilson Campus
Being a mom is wonderful & hard - Come connect with other moms who “get it."

Coffee & Conversations
Led by: Emily Kapp / 2nd Saturdays @ 11AM / Hagerstown, MD
A time for women to meet and fellowship while studying scripture together.

Life in Transition
Led by: Kathy Miller / 2nd Tuesdays @ 9:30AM / Wilson Campus
A safe place for women who deal with anxiety and depression.

Warrior Tribe
Led by: Jeannie Sue Best / June 8 @ 6PM / Boonsboro, MD
A group for single mothers - Join in on a time of discussion & prayer!

Women to Women
Led by: Ginny Culver / 2nd Thursdays @ 9:30AM / Wilson Campus
It’s essential as a woman to share life with other women - Join us!


Lifehouse Youth - High School Girls
Led by: Lauren Broadwater / 2nd Thursdays / Wilson Campus
For any girl in high school.


Shenandoah Summer Tribe
Led by: Kristal Flower
A Summer Tribe for the ladies of Lifehouse Shenandoah


Women of Worth
Led by: Caroline Cardwell
A Summer Tribe for the ladies of Lifehouse West Virginia