We believe every Jesus-follower should be "on mission" — actively serving, giving, and participating in ministry. If you're ready to begin using your talents and gifts at Lifehouse, fill out the form below and one of our Dream Team leaders will follow up with you soon.

   Each campus has an amazing team of volunteers waiting for you to join them. The Dream Team makes a difference in the lives of every person who comes through our doors from the parking lot to the platform. We encourage you to join a team, make new friends, and own the atmosphere at your campus so those who are yet to come will be warmly welcomed and experience the life-giving presence of God!

Dream Team Care: From coffee and snacks to high-fives and encouragement, this team takes care of the Dream Team and keeps them serving at their very best.

Lifehouse Kids: This team intentionally invests into the lives of our children through worship, videos, games, small groups, and more.

Lifehouse Youth: Our Youth Team pours into students (6-12th grade) one dynamic worship experience, relevant Life Group, and impactful relationship at a time.

Admin (A-Team): Use the gifts of organization and administration throughout the week to serve in areas like data entry, weekend prep, and more. 

Worship: Have a musical gift? Our Worship Team is committed to using their gifts to create and lead impactful moments of encountering God.

Tech: Our Tech Team creatively leverages technology to most impactfully deliver God's word through audio-visual elements and experiences. 

Creative Arts: From websites, to mobile apps, to printed materials, if there's content you can read, watch, or listen to, our Creative Arts Team most likely created it.

First Impressions: Be the best first impression our Lifehouse guests will ever receive! First Impressions teams include: Greeters, Café, Parking, Safety, and Ushers.

Outreach: Be the tangible expression of God's love to our community. 

Missions: Live out the great commission by serving God globally. 

Life Group Leadership: Life Group leaders create spaces for meaningful, Jesus-focused community by hosting groups centered around common interests.

Prayer Team: Our Prayer Team members firmly believe in the power of prayer and compassionately make themselves available for anyone seeking prayer.

Discipleship: Lifehouse aims to provide a place where people can grow! The Discipleship Team teaches and invests into the future leaders within the church.

Operations: The Operations Team works hard to keep all Lifehouse facilities in top shape and ready for our weekend experiences. 

Care: Our Care Team exists to help hurting people through the various storms of life by providing biblical counseling, visitation, and support groups.

Safety: This team helps maintain a safe and distraction-free environment for all Lifehouse guests.

Events: Have a passion to brainstorm, plan, and carry out events? Our events team helps create fun environments and excellent experiences that make all feel welcome and special.

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