These values lay a foundation for who we are and what we hold dear. They undergird the vision and decision-making of the church. They are our roadmap for ministry and goals. These values dictate our focus and primary goals for ministry and must be wed with the vision of the church to provide adequate purpose to the work.


Unless God shows up, we’re nothing: People are desperately hungry for God. Therefore, we strive to experience God in every situation where people from Lifehouse meet together. “Church” is anywhere and anytime Jesus-followers gather together.

Relationships are more important than programs: The foundation of all effective ministry and growth is born out of relationship with one another. We believe that true Christian partnership and growth occurs in small group experiences like life groups.

Every person was created for a purpose: That is bringing people into their destiny. The Biblical model declares that every person is created with purpose and meaning. Each one is uniquely created with gifts and purpose, and the role of leadership is to recognize individual’s giftedness and provide the training and opportunities necessary for them to begin to function in those purposes (Eph. 4:11).

Irrelevance is irreverence: We must communicate effectively the message of the Gospel in a way that the culture would clearly understand. Our lifestyle must demonstrate the practical life of Christ in a real way. For this reason, we are allowed to experiment with new and innovative ideas. We think that most of life is an experiment; ministry is no different.

Pray like everything depends on God: The foundation for personal devotion to God, family, and ministry is found in intimate connection with God. We desire to grow as a church body in both personal and corporate prayer and intercession.

Tear down walls to build bridges: We recognize that in order to reach people with the message of Jesus, we must meet real and felt needs. Our purpose is to effectively reach this region for Jesus Christ by identifying these needs and helping. Our first priority is to serve those within our sphere of influence through innovative outreach and lifestyle evangelism. Even our service is designed to “tear down walls so that God can do whatever He wants”.

We must multiply to change the world: Every living thing that is growing and mature reproduces. The Christian is no exception to this rule. We believe that everything within The Body of Christ should multiply within its “kind”. Christians will reach new Christians, leaders will develop new leaders, life groups will birth new groups, and churches will plant new churches.